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Six of our good friends have distinguished themselves as leaders in providing peer-based recovery support. William "Kaz" Pulliam and Anthony Lindsey have been trained and certified by the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse as CARES (Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists). Kaz   has   been   offering   his   wisdom   and   inspiration   at   Cause   for   Hope   almost since   we   began,   and   he   continues   to   do   so.   Anthony   is   currently              an Alcohol and Drug Couselor at Assertive Community Recovery .                                                                                                                       The mission of Georgia CARES is to promote long-term recovery                                                    from substance use disorders by providing experienced peer                                              support and advocating for self-directed care.   Bean French, Gino Lloyd and Marcella Grace have successfully trained and been recognized by the state of Georgia as Certified Peer Specialists (CPS). Gino is a dynamic and inspiring leader at Cause for Hope and continues to be a valuable contributor to our program. Bean has been offering his energy and enthusiam almost since we began. Marcella is our first woman to receive this distinction. Certified Peer Specialists serve in a variety of settings and are trained to assist their peers in skills building, goal setting, problem solving, and helping them build their own self-directed recovery tools. The CPS Project is administered through the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, which is also responsible for implementing the                                    Double Trouble in Recovery program. Congratulations to Anthony, Marcella, Gino, Bean, Janice, and Kaz!
Janice Cummings has completed the 10-week peer-based education program sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI            Peer-to-Peer is a recovery-focused educational program providing critical strategies for maintaining wellness in response to mental health challenges.