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Contact Jane Elliott for further information on our Mindfulness Workshops .
Our monthly Mindfulness Training Workshops teach mindfulness skills that are of great benefit to those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and to all of us who are "addicted" to our self- referential, repetitive thinking, to our egos, and to our fixed, often unconscious ways of perceiving the world around us. In the Spring of 2016, Cause for Hope was accepted as a Charter Partner of Compassionate Atlanta, a grassroots movement with the goal of raising awareness about the benefits of compassionate action in the metro Atlanta area. An immediate benefit of this partnership was the offering of monthly Mindfulness Training Workshops, which began in April 2016. These workshops are taught by our two outstanding trainers, Pam Glustrom and Cathy Crosby. Though initially skeptical of the relevance of this training, our friends downtown have come to look forward to our monthly sessions with Pam and Cathy. In fact, mindfulness training has become quite popular now within schools, sports teams, and businesses, and we are delighted to be able to offer it as an adjunct to the Twelve Steps, with which it holds remarkable similarities. We have even delved into (easy) yoga movements during the trainings, and it is amazing to behold a roomful of men and women in the "High Mountain" pose! Our Mindfulness Workshops are held on the third Monday of every month from 1 to 2:30 PM. They take place in the same location as the Twelve-Step Recovery meetings - the Parish Hall of The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at 48 Martin Luther King Drive SW. The workshops are free, a gift from Compassionate Atlanta, and open to everyone, so please join us.
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Mindfulness Training Workshops