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We collect, organize and distribute clothing regularly throughout the year. While we rely heavily on donations, we also purchase and distribute some clothing items and basic necessities, such as blankets and towels. Our volunteers also take home soiled clothing dropped off by our community members to wash, fold and return. We are also able to provide limited storage space for some of our unhoused members who have nowhere to leave their few possessions. The emphasis of our clothing program is on developing relationships, getting to know people by taking the time to listen and sharing our stories with each other. Housed and unhoused, hospitality and service and learning go both ways, and bridges are built which break down misconceptions and stereotypes on all sides. We realize the importance of taking the time to listen and be present; healing often happens when people are treated with love, dignity and respect.
For further information about the Clothing Closet you may contact Meg Sparger.
Clothing Closet
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